Chống sét lan truyền DC

CHT1-B40 series solar surge protective device is suitable tor the new energy solar power generation system, its working voltage covers 500V. 800 V and 1000V. It is installed in the main power system at DC circuit, to protect againist the indirect lightning current, direct lightning current or other instantaneous over voltage.

Product Features

  • Plug in/out style surge protective device.
  • The coler of visible windows shows operating status
  • Double protection of over-heat and over-current
  • Have the accessor of remote signalling interface, could be remote control.
Name 500V 800V 1000V
Series No. CHT1 – B40 CHT1 – B40 CHT1 – B40
Specifications 36mm (x2 pcs) 36mm (x2 pcs) 36mm (x2 pcs)
Nominal capacity the flow In(kA 8/20 µ S) 20 20 20
Maximum flow capacity lanx(kA 8/20 µ S) 40 40 40
Protection level (kV) 2.2 2.4 2.6
Response time (ns) 25 25 25
Rated Voltage (VDC) 500 800 1000
Continuous to work Voltage (VDC) 550 880 1100
Leakage current 0.75U lmA( µ A) 20 20 20
Working temperature( °C ) -40~+85 -40~+85 -40~+35