MCB DZ47Z-63 (DC)

DZ47Z series mini circuit breaker is suitable for DC circuit with rated voltage 250V and rated current up to 63A, used as overload and short circuit protection for circuit, lighting and power equipment, also making an infrequent lines and equipment off conversion in normal circumstances.

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Type Pole Rated Voltage (V) Rated Current ln (A) Rated short segment (kA) Capacity Indripping release type and current Rated withstand impulse voltage Mechanical life(times)
DZ47Z-63 1P 125 V 6,10, 16,20,25,32, 40,50,63 6 (1~140A) 8ln ± 20% 4kV 4000
2P 250V 4 (40~63A)
3P 500V
4P 750V