Chống sét lan truyền AC

CHT1-B40 series surge protective device (in short :SPD, alias: surge protector, surge arrecter) is suitable for TT, TN-C, TN-S. IT ect. Power supply system of AC 50/60Hz, 380V, which protects the elective device not shocked by the thunder or surge over-voltage.

Product Features

  • Plug in/out style surge protective device.
  • The color of visible window shows operating status, green means normal, red means abnormal.
  • Double protection of over-heat and over-current.
  • Have the accessory of remote signaling interface, could be remote control.
Techical Parameters
Rated Operating Voltage Uc (V~) 380V    220V 380V    220V
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc (V~) 440V    275V 440V    275V
Voltage Protection Level Up (V~) kV ≤ 2.0 ≤ 2.2
Nominal Discharge Current ln (8/ µ 20 µ s) kA 15 20
Maximum Discharge Current lmax (8/ µ 20 µ s) kA 40 65
Response Time (ns) < 25
Operating Environment ( °C ) -40°C ~ +85°C
Relative Humidity ( 25°C ) ≤ 95%
Installation Standard Rail 35mm
Material of Outer Covering Fiber glass reinforced plastic